Wealth Crystal Kit


Wealth/Money Crystal Kit

All crystals in this crystal kit for wealth have been cleansed then charged under the 8/26 full moon.



Use the crystals in this wealth crystal kit to help set your intentions for money manifestation.

Wealth/Money Crystal Kit


  • 1 malachite – attracts good fortune and wealth
  • 1 pyrite cluster – wealth attraction (particularly due to blockages coming from a poverty mindset), amplifies the other stones in the set
  • 1 citrine point – Nicknamed “the merchant’s stone,” citrine provides confidence in financial or business ventures
  • 1 aventurine – invites opportunity, helps you be grateful for what you already have, thought to bring luck and was used historically as a gambler’s talisman
  • burlap pouch
  • “cheat sheet” card

crystal wealth kit with citrine point pyrite malachite aventurine


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Weight 4 oz


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